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Great Deep Sea Fishing Season in NJ

Just want everyone to know this is the end of the deep sea fishing season in NJ this year for the Tara Anne.  Boat is now pulled out for the season and we expect to be back in the water in late March early April.  It was a great deep sea fishing season, did veryContinue Reading

Drum Drum Drum

If your thinking of going deep sea fishing in NJ this spring don’t think to hard because only a week away the Drum fishing will bust wide open.  For a while you will be able to catch a mix of stripers and drum and then later in the spring it will switch over to all drum.Continue Reading

The Spring Striper Bite is Happening Now

The Spring Striper bite is happening now and they are biting good. I don’t know how long it will hold up; so don’t wait you might miss it. If you are interested in chartering a boat for this spring striper run we are currently getting $650 for 8hrs. All prices are based on 6 passengersContinue Reading

Bang on the Drum!!!

If you’re thinking about drum fishing do not wait any longer; there here and bitting. These fish enter the Delaware Bay in Mid April and usually stay around till Mid June; they range from 20-90lbs and put up a great fight on light tackle. These fish can be caught during the day and also atContinue Reading