Deep Sea Seabass Fishing in NJ

Sea Bass fishing in NJ opens this Sat. May 19th; these fish are very fun to catch for people of all ages and are very good to eat.  This is usually a great family trip, and these fish will continue to bite for the rest of the summer, however the first couple weeks of the season is probably the best.  We offer 6 and 8 hr trips for sea bass and the prices include everything you need for the day except what you want to eat and drink.  If you would like to book a sea bass or find out some information about other trips, feel free to give me a call any time.

Capt. Joe:  (856) 304- 3293 or Capt. Nick: (856) 906-5776

Take a Kid Deep Sea Fishing in New Jersey

Take a kid fishing; they will have memories that will last them a lifetime.  If you choose a charter boat these hired captains should be able to put you on the fish; that kids of all will have no problem catching themselves.  These family type trips are among my personal favorite, because seeing a kid catch a fish for the first time, is as much fun for me as it is for the parents and grandparents.  Believe me these memories will last a lifetime; they did for me.  I can still recall being 8 or 9 and fishing with my father, brother, and grandfather; and I’m still hooked that is why I became a captain.  With the month of May approaching the SeaBass fishing should start inshore, these fish are great for a family trip, because they can be caught easily and in good numbers and frequently two at a time.  So  if your looking to spend some quality time with your kids and grandparents this summer, with no interuptions and time they will never forget; just go fishing!

Capt. Joe 1 856 304 3293