The Spring Deep Sea Fishing In NJ Season is Finally Here

The Boat the Tara Anne is finally in the water, and we are currently booking for the spring deep sea fishing season in NJ.  April is a good month for Tog fishing, for the month of April tog will be 4 fish at 15″ but the season will close the end of April.  Currently the Tog fishing is exceptional this year.  The month of May the seabass and tog season will open, for the 2017 fishing season seabass will open 5-23, 10 fish a person at 12.5″.  Flounder (Fluke) will open 5-21, 5 fish a person at 18″.  Also in the month of May Black Drum move into the Delaware Bay and usually stick around until mid June.  When Seabass Season opens it usually extremely good for the first few weeks since the season has been closed for so long, but will also remain good threw out the summer.  The Black Drum are very fun to catch and can range any were from 30-90lbs the majority are usually in the 50-60lb range.  Seabass or Drum are a good choice for all experience levels, Seabass are very fun to catch especially for kids cause you get a lot of action.  If your looking for something big to catch Drum is a very good choice.

We also are booking for the summer fishing season.  We offer a variety of different charters from inshore and offshore fishing.  Some inshore options we have are Seabass, Flounder, blue fish, inshore shark fishing (Usually good from late June into September).  Offshore trips we offer are Shark fishing (Usually good in May and June), Tuna (Season vary on the water temp. but usually starts mid July),  Trolling for Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Blues, etc.

We also offer none fishing trips Sunset cruises along the coast of Wildwood and Cape May, getting to go for a nice boat ride see the cape may light house and finish the night off with a nice sunset over the Delaware Bay which is said to have some of the nicest sunsets on the East Coast.  We also offer burials at sea.

All our prices are based on 6 passengers and includes everything you need for the day, Ice, Bait, Tackle, Rods/Reels.  If you have any questions, would like to find out prices and dates available or would like to find out more information about the trips that we offer give us a call or text any time.  Also check us out of facebook @TaraAnneSportFishing. (Size limits and Season dates are subject to change)

Capt. Joe 1 856 304 3293         Capt. Nick 1 856 906 5776